Be careful when considering the heartworm shot!

ProHeart 6 has come back to the market and I just wanted to share some interesting articles.  First of all, ProHeart 6 is a heartworm prevention shot that lasts for six months.  This product has previously been on the market, but allegedly was the source of severe illness and death.  Here is an interesting article on how this product has been put back on the market.  But before you get too excited, check out this article on why you may need to be wary.

I’m going to stick to Heartgard.  If its not broke, don’t fix it.  Maybe down the road if this product has TRULY proved to have reduced risk, I’ll try it.  But my dogs love their chewy treat once a month!


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    Bailey said,

    First of all, if you are going to make STRONG statemtnts about what a product is or isn’t, get your facts correct. It is a DRUG and not a VACCINE. There is a big difference. VACCINE’S are biologicals and aid in the prevention of diseases such as Parvo, Distemper, West Nile, etc. ProHeart 6 is a heartworm prevention DRUG (pharmaceutical) that is used to aid in the prevention of heartworms in “Healthy” dogs from age 6 months to 7 years.

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    Amanda said,

    It is an injection that prevents heartworm disease…sounds close enough to a vaccine to me! I’m not trying to pretend I’m an expert on the subject, just stating my opinions. Not even telling people NOT to use it. I gave them an article on the pro’s of using it. Working in a veterinary clinic, most people ask about the “heartworm vaccine” and thats how most people who don’t know much about it refer to it, which is why I call it that!

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    Angela said,

    My dog, a 16 month-old black lab named Buddy, was diagnosed yesterday with heartworms. According to the vet, it was a “light” positive so it seems we caught it early. He was going in for his annual shots and had NO symptoms. I am VERY upset because I am better at making sure Buddy has his monthly medicines (Heartguard & Frontline) that I am about taking care of myself. Our vet seems very excited about ProHeart being back on the market and I for one will probably use that once we go thru the treatment and he gets a clean bill of health. I was ignorant and thought that as long as I gave him his pill each month (that he loved BTW), he would be fine. I am so thankful he will be okay but at the same time can’t believe that so many pet owners are like me and depend on this tablet and think it will take care of our four-legged children and it DOES NOT! I feel like shouting it from the roof tops that there should be some other option out there and I hope this shot will be it. I will do more research in the next few weeks but I can promise that Heartguard has goten the last dime from me it will ever see.

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    Amanda said,

    If your dogs have been on Heartgard continuosly and you have proof of purchasing it, they should be paying for you pets heartworm treatment.

    If you remember to give your dog their Heartgard every month, it is 99% effective, which is why it is guaranteed.

    Also keep in mind other preventions such as Interceptor. But if you forget to give your pet their pill every month, maybe the shot IS right for you, I just hope your pet will stay healthy. I know PERSONALLY, I would have trouble remembering something every 6 months as opposed to every month.

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    michelle said,

    I have a 3yr. Old female doberman. She has heartworms. The vet told me that she would have to go through a series of heart worm shots costing me about $140 a shot. The vet also told me that she would have to stay in a confined area, no exercise nor playing for some time. I came to this website in hopes of finding some information regarding any information on “heartworm shots”…. Please enlighten me. Thanks, michelle

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    Colleen said,

    Well, so far I have not been educated by any of you, it seems it’s is a cat and mouse over a shot. So is it safe or isn’t it. Tell me why it is not safe. Tell me why they took it off the market and why they brought it back. Tell me what happens to you pet with the shot? Sounds like neither is really good for the pet but what choice is there? Do share, please advise…….

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    Angie said,

    I remember when they took this product off the market. I remember the vet sying it was good and that he wouldn’t give any of his dogs anything bad. I remember when he moved his sign to the back of the office and then when it was taken off the market because of the dogs that died. I remember when my friends lost their dog to this “medication”.

    ‘The chemicals used in these drugs are pesticides. Although they are used preventatively in small amounts, because they are administered regularly month after month, the damage to the animal’s system is cumulative. Some side effects listed for heartworm preventative drugs are weakness, vomiting, convulsions and diarrhea. More importantly, regular use can weaken your pet’s immune system and place strain on kidneys and liver. This can result in greater susceptibility to infection and other diseases.”

    “Side effects listed for heartworm preventative drugs are: vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, and weakness. These pills weaken your pet’s immune system which recognizes the chemicals as poison. The body works hard to eliminate the toxins and major organs, like the liver and kidneys, are taxed. For this reason, the pet’s body is not able to handle contact with the normal bacterial or viral substances in our world, so it gets sick more easily.”

    I have taken my dogs off of heartworm medication due to convulsions… Off the meds… No more convulsions.

    I will take measures to prevent fleas, ticks and mosquitoes and have them tested…

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